I first noticed my hairloss at around the age of 17/18, I noticed that my hair when wet was slightly thinning in a horseshoe pattern. At first I did not worry too much because I didn't think it would get worse etc.At age 19 my hairloss had progressed to a state where others were commenting on how my hair was thinning & it was at this point where I began to lose self confidence & found it difficult not to wear a baseball cap whilst in public & even around family & friends. I looked at the possible solutions for hairloss & began using rogaine & propecia etc but after a few months I found that although my hairloss seemed to have stabilized, the loss in the frontal areas was just as bad as it was prior to taking the medication. My hairloss got to the point where I had no confidence at all & was allways concious about my hair & what people would say when they looked at me, I tried shaving it off during the summer but did not like the way I looked without any hair.At this point I started researching into a hair transplant. Within a few hours of basic google research & with the help of forums I began to want to get in touch with the Alvi Armani hair transplant Chicago clinic, seeing the results on their website was very inspiring & made me jealous of the fact that there were people out there such as Jeff who were once thinning/balding & now after a procedure of a few thousand grafts looked absolutely amazing.I found that my research pointed me in the direction of their clinic because no other clinic could provide before & after photos where the results were as good as what they were producing.


In January 2005 I got in touch with the Alvi Armani clinic & stated that I was interested in having a procedure, after leaving a message on the website, they called me a few hours later & discussed the procedure with me & answered all of my questions regarding the aftercare etc. In May 2005 I arrived & had my procedure of 3450 grafts in zones 1 & 2. The procedure took 8 hours from start to finish, the procedure went quite quickly & I watched a few DVD's during the day.

I did not experience much discomfort duing the procedure & I was well looked after by the team during the day.


After 7 months I was totally amazed at my results, my hairline was so dense & full & those who I told about my procedure were just amazed at how good my hair now looked - looking at my before photos after 7 months of having my procedure, I couldnt believe how different I now looked - I could not of been any happier.I ditched the baseball cap & began to style my hair which was something I hadnt done for a while! Overall I am extremely glad that I chose the Alvi Armani clinic & it is something which has changed my life in such a dramatic way.
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